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Readers Respond: Share Your Opinion - VCRs and Digital TV

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The digital transition has imposed a various number of changes to our television landscape. First and foremost is the elimination of analog signals from full-power broadcast stations.

The loss of analog means the tuner inside the VCR is useless. Consumers that want to watch and record different channels at the same time need to learn a new process. There is also the issue of manufacturer support, or lack thereof.

This isn't news but people still use the VCR. Please help others continue using their VCR by sharing your story about how you use a VCR with digital TV.


hello can anyone tell me how to program from my vcr to my digital television i only have the digital tv and only interested in programing something not watch and program just one thanks for all your help

VCR with DTV sucks

I miss programming my VCR each day. (It took me forever to learn how.) I also miss watching one channel while watching another. Is there a machine out there that will allow me to do both these things? Is there a VCR converter box? It really bugs me that I've had to spend money to convert to digital and then learn the government is going to auction off most of that analog signal!
—Guest Mary B

hook up vcr to a dvt tv

I followed your instructions using the splitter for the antenna, but don't I need to also connect the tv to the converter box, how would i program the box and the vcr? thanks, Monica
—Guest monica

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