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Top 5 LCD Manufacturers You Should Check Out


Whether it's flat panel or rear projection, there's a lot of choice on the market for LCD or Liquid Crystal Display televisions. Here's a list of five leading LCD manufacturers, and a brief synopsis of what they offer as far as LCD televisions are concerned.

1) Sharp

Known for their AQUOS design, Sharp LCD televisions come in 16:9 widescreen and standard 4:3 aspect ratio. Their sizes range from 13" to 45". The AQUOS G-series televisions are available in rear projection, flat panel, and wireless. Depending whether or not you choose a table stand or not, model thickness will range between 4-14" thick. Many models come with a digital cable ready slot.

2) Sony

The makers of XBR product line with WEGA technology, Sony offers an assortment of LCD televisions. Rear projection models vary in size from 42-70" while flat panels come between 23-42". Their wireless or 'location-free' models are 7-12", and their front projection system offers a viewing area up to 25'. All (except the portable models) are equipped to handle HDTV, and most come with digital cable card slots.

3) Samsung

Samsung offers LCD monitors in the flat panel variety with sizes ranging from 15-46", and come in widescreen or standard aspect ratio. Most come with multimedia PC/DVD/TV Inputs. According to retailer links on their Web site, prices range between $500-8,000. Their flat panels are quite light as no model weighs over 100 pounds, but their thickness varies depending on use of the stand. On their 46" model - with stand the width is 16" and without the stand it's 6".

4) Panasonic

Panasonic offers an excellent variety of LCD products. Their flat panel models are between 14-32" and rear projection televisions range from 43" to 60". Most of their LCDs are HDTV ready and can attach to any home electronics device including a PC. While their flat panels include a pedestal stand, their rear projection models don't come with a stand but will require a stand of some sort because they're similar in shape to a tube television - only lighter and narrower.

5) Hitachi

Hitachi is another company offering LCD products in front and rear projection formats. Their front projector is the 3 Panel 720P LCD light engine and exclusive Super Focus Quattro ELD. It can be used from up to 100' from a screen, but rear projection comprises the bulk of their LCD products. They have a vast catalog of rear projection LCDs ranging in size from 42-70". All of their projection televisions are equipped to handle high definition.
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