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Budget TVs at ConsumerSearch.com

ConsumerSearch Rates Opinions of Experts and Users


The TVs on this list were rated on ConsumerSearch as being either a good value or budget TV. It's a blend of LCD, plasma, and rear projection.

As far as specifications, most of these TVs fall into the middle of the pack but that doesn't mean these are dogs. Quite the contrary. Notice the frequency in which Samsung appears on this list. That alone adds credibility to the ConsumerSearch recognition.

In case you wonder, ConsumerSearch's niche is in reviewing the opinions published by professional writers and owners of various products.

1. Samsung LN40A550 - Best Value 40-inch LCD TVs

ConsumerSearch rates Samsung's LN40A550 as the best value among 40-inch TVs. The LN40A550 is the 2008 version of the LN40B550, so this rating likely applies to the LN40B550 also. Read ConsumerSearch Review

LN40A550 key facts:


  • 40" 1080p 60hz LCD TV
  • 50ms Response Time
  • Three HDMI inputs (2 back, 1 side)
  • Hidden Speakers
  • Energy Star Certified


My Thoughts: The LN40A550 is part of Samsung's Series 5 line of LCD TVs. It's middle of the pack for Samsung. It's 60hz so there will be more motion blur than on a 120hz TV. It has two HDMI inputs. This is financially something to consider if you have more than two HDMI devices because this may require you to buy a $100+ HDMI switcher.

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2. Vizio SV470XVT - Best Budget 47-inch LCD TV

ConsumerSearch rates Vizio's SV470XVT as the best budget 47-inch LCD TV. It's part of Vizio's current line. Read ConsumerSearch Review

SV470XVT key facts:

  • 47" 120hz 1080p LCD HDTV
  • Smooth Motion Video Technology
  • Four HDMI inputs with HDCP
  • Comes with HDMI Cable
  • 5ms Response Time

My Thoughts: The SV470XVT is one of Vizio's higher end LCD TVs, and it has the specs to boot - 120hz, 1080p, 5ms response time, etc. This doesn't mean it's what I consider a high end TV but it's high end enough to satisfy someone that wants a good picture without the inflated name-brand price. Vizio gets a nod for their aggressive warranty with free on-site repair and a zero bright pixel defect guarantee.

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3. Envision L32W761 - Best Budget 32-inch LCD TV

ConsumerSearch rates Envision's L32W761 as the best budget 32-inch LCD TV. This is a no frills LCD TV that is somewhat dated compared to current name-brand products. Read ConsumerSearch Review

L32W761 key facts:

  • 32" 60hz 720p LCD HDTV
  • One HDMI Input
  • Comes with HDMI Cable
  • 8ms Response Time

My Thoughts: The L32W761 is my least favorite TV on this list only because it lacks the pizazz of high end models. It's a budget TV so why should I be snobbish. Owners of this TV really like the picture so if you can find one then consider checking it out. At 720p, you can find a lot of comparable products, which is why I think buying a 32" LCD TV is one of the toughest buying decisions to make of any screen size.

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4. Samsung PN50A550 - Best Value 50-inch Plasma HDTV

ConsumerSearch rates Samsung's PN50A550 rated as the best value among 40-inch TVs. The PN50A550 is the 2008 version of the PN40B550, so this rating likely applies to the PN40B550 also. Read ConsumerSearch Review

PN40A550 key facts:

  • 50" 1080p Plasma TV
  • Anti Burn-In Technology
  • Three HDMI 1.3 inputs (one is on side)
  • Anti-Glare Filter
  • Energy Star Certified

My Thoughts: The PN40A550 is part of Samsung's Series 5 line of plasma TVs. It's middle of the pack for Samsung. The keys to this TV are the anti burn-in technology and anti-glare filter. Burn-in is still a consumer concern so it's good to see this addressed. If you're looking for high end plasma then take a look up the Samsung ladder or at Pioneer and Panasonic.

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5. Samsung HL56A650 - Best Budget Projection HDTV

ConsumerSearch rates Samsung's HL56A650 as the best value among projection HDTVs. It's a 2008 model and Samsung didn't replace it in 2009. Read ConsumerSearch Review

HL56A650 key facts:

  • 56" 120hz 1080p DLP HDTV
  • 3D HD ready—
  • Three HDMI inputs (2 back, 1 side)
  • Hidden Speakers
  • Energy Star Certified

My Thoughts: The HL56A650 might be the best value of all TVs on this list because it has specs equal to a high end LCD TV with a smaller price tag. It doesn't bother me that this is a 2008 model without a successor because Samsung doesn't have any sub-60" DLPs in their 2009 line. That's likely due to LCDs getting bigger. DLPs are bulkier than a flat panels so think about where it's going and how you're going to get it home.

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