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Product Review: Samsung 30" HDTV Monitor TX-P3064W

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The Bottom Line

Samsung 30" DynaFlat™ Widescreen HDTV Monitor (TX-P3064W) is a low priced, high quality HD viewing device. This is a television to check out if you want a good picture, good audio, and plenty of inputs to attach your many home electronics indulgences.
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  • Low Price
  • Lots of Inputs
  • Great Picture


  • Bulky and Heavy
  • No Built-In Tuner


  • 30-inch screen size
  • 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
  • Flat screen
  • 3/2 Pulldown, Multi-Language Menu, On Screen Menu, SAP, Sleep Timer
  • Universal Remote
  • Broadcast Formats: ATSC (Digital - SDTV, HDTV), NTSC (analog)
  • Audio: MTS Stereo
  • Input: Analog Coaxial(RF), Component Video, DVI, Front A/V (Composite), S-Video
  • Output: A/V (RCA Composite), Variable/Fixed Audio

Guide Review - Product Review: Samsung 30" HDTV Monitor TX-P3064W

At first, I wasn't sure what to think of the Samsung 30" HDTV Monitor (TX-P3064W). Was it just a good 'low priced' HDTV monitor or one heck of a TV and true bargain? It has all the basic menu options like picture and audio adjustment, and the menu is easy to navigate. The television has plenty of input/outputs, which is important if you plan on hooking up a DVD player, cable/satellite receiver, video game console, and surround sound speakers. For home video enthusiasts, it also has a side A/V composite input, which most newer televisions feature. Still, it's a good feature, and should be recognized. The only true downside to this television is its size. It weighs around 100 lbs, and is about two feet deep. It's also HD-ready, which means it doesn't have a built-in tuner to receive over-the-air digital/HD signals, but that's not really a big issue if you plan on subscribing to cable or satellite. The 30-inch screen size isn't as enticing as projection models, but it's truly a litle giant as it easily fills a large living room. The benefit of the tube screen is it offers wide viewing angles without much picture deterioration. Listed at prices betweeen $700 and $1,000, the Samsung TX-P3064W is a great television for the family room or bedroom if you are looking for an affordable medium-sized HDTV.
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