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Review of Logitech’s Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3

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Review of Logitech’s Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3

The Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3 allows Harmony universal remotes to control every feature on Sony's popular gaming system.


Bottom line: At a retail price of $59.99, the Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3 is costly, but it works flawlessly and allows true one-remote control of home theater systems utilizing the PlayStation 3.


  • Allows full control of the PlayStation 3 with all Harmony universal remotes
  • Doesn’t require use of a USB port
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Easy to set up


  • Pricey for an adapter
  • The buttons on Harmony remotes don’t exactly mirror those designed for the PlayStation 3
  • Setup: Setting up the Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3 is a breeze. You simply plug the device in, set it next to your PS3 and synch it with the gaming system. The whole process takes less than five minutes and is well-described in the adapter’s instruction manual. Also, since the adapter is independently powered, it doesn’t take up one of the PS3’s USB ports, a real plus.

    Functionality: The adapter does exactly what it says it will. Set it up, and you’ll be able to use your Harmony universal remote to control every PlayStation function. Since PlayStation relies heavily on its “shape” buttons, like the circle, triangle and square, you will probably want to program quick keys on your remote to access these functions, but that’s easy enough to do. Even that’s unnecessary. I had my PS3 running flawlessly with a Harmony 700 within minutes of connecting the adapter.

    Appearance: The Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3 is small (about 4 inches wide and less than an inch thick). It’s also a glossy black, like most PS3s, so it looks unobtrusive sitting next to the gaming unit.

    Value: The biggest downside of the PlayStation 3 adapter is the price. It retails for $59.99, and it’s tough to find it anywhere for less than $50. Considering that the PlayStation 3 retails for only $299.99, you’re paying a pretty high premium just to control the device. On the other hand, it’s a real bummer to have a universal remote that controls everything but one item, and this little device allows your Harmony to truly be a one-stop control shop.

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