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Profile: RCA TruFlat 27" SDTV Digital Stereo TV


Profile: RCA TruFlat 27" SDTV Digital Stereo TV
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RCA's TruFlat TV, model 27F634T, is a standard definition direct view digital television with a 27" 4:3 screen. At the time of this profile, the 27F634T was priced at $359 through the manufacturer's Web site.
Key Specifications:
  • Built-in ATSC/NTSC Tuner - this enables the 27F634T to display analog and digital over-the-air (OTA) signals.
  • Connections - The rear has one composite, component, analog RF and digital RF jack. It also has side S-Video and composite inputs.
  • Aspect Ratio - User can switch between 4:3 and 16:9
  • Flat Screen - RCA calls this TruFlat. The screen is not rounded like many tube televisions. According to RCA this reduces glare by 60% and provides a wider viewing angle than traditional CRTs.
My Thoughts: The 27F634T is a good option for someone wanting to upgrade to a digital television without spending a lot of money. The price at the time of this profile was $359 through RCA, which is considerably less than any other 27" digital television with a built-in digital tuner. There are several reasons the price is so low. They are:

  • Not capable of displaying HDTV - 480i max resolution
  • Not many manufacturers make SDTV's
  • Tube televisions are generally less than other TV types

The 27F634T weighs like a traditional tube television...meaning at 27" it will likely take more than one person to move it. It is also larger in size than other TV types (approximately 31w x 23h x 31d).

The drawbacks include:

  • Not able to display high definition (HD) images
  • Bulky compared to other TV types
  • Limited with AV jacks
  • I expect the 27F634T to perform much like any other tube television. It should be sturdy, provide a good overall picture and last a long time.

The bottom line is that the 27F634T is a good introduction to the world of digital TV or as an inexpensive replacement for an old analog model.

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