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ED Digital's Digitrex Debuts in United States


Updated January 18, 2006
At the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, ED Digital showed off their new line of Digitrex-branded consumer electronics and home theater products that includes LCD TVs, DVD players, set top boxes and home theater systems.

Owned by market-newcomer ED Digital, Digitrex is backed by Chinese parent company Jiangkui Group. ED Digital is based in Southern California. The Digitrex brand name is available in the United States and Australia.

Wireless Technology and Becoming the First in the Industry

Digitrex's claim-to fame is their ability to provide a wireless alternative to the home entertainment system. In fact, Digitrex says they created the industries first PlaysForSure-certified wireless High-Definition Network LCD TV. PlaysForSure is a group of online content providers banding together to create a mecca for digital services and downloads.

Background of ED Digital and Jiangkui Group

Although ED Digital is a new kid on the block, the company boasts a lot of experience at the top. Executive vice president and general manager Bill Bast and Vice president of marketing and product development Steve Jean have a combined 60-plus years working in the industry for companies like Sanyo, Nyko, Marantz Co. and Philips.

The Jiangkui Group is a leading Chinese consumer electronic company that sells DVD players and LCD TVs in Europe. They also sell DVD players in Japan. Because of their relationship with Jiangkui Group, ED Digital vice president of marketing and product development Steve Jean said, "We are well positioned to make a notable impact on the U.S. market. We are entering a new era of home entertainment, and Digitrex products are poised to take the lead in making the connected home not just a reality, but one that is hassle-free and easily attainable for everyone."

Products Offered and Website

Currently, Digitrex offers PFS Networked Televisions, LCD TVs, portable DVD players, digital cameras, portable media players and home theater components. Their official Web site is www.digitrexusa.com.

My Thoughts

I had the opportunity to meet with Digitrex officials at the 2006 CES. What impressed me with the company is their initial committment to quality and products that are built with the future in mind.

Digitrex LCD TVs have Samsung LCD panels, which means the LCD technology is made by the same people that make Samsung panels. This is a definite positive for Digitrex. Their LCD TVs have built-in ATSC digital tuners, which for some models comes well in advance of the FCC mandates requiring manufacturers to include them. They also feature component, USB and HDMI inputs.

But, the biggest positive for Digitrex could be their desire to be on the forefront of wireless home networking technology. With an industry push toward wireless gear, Digitrex provides the consumer with an opportunity to meet the wireless demands of today and tomorrow. If they can perfect and market their wireless technology effectively then Digitrex has the capability to become a leader in the industry instead of a player

It will be interesting to see how the US consumer reacts to their products. It will be equally as interesting to see how they create relationships with distributors that will help their brand name become widely known.

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