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Connect Your Digital Camcorder To Your TV


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Turn TV To Aux Channel
Turn TV to Aux channel

Turn TV to Aux channel

Matthew Torres
All televisions with yellow-red-white or S-Video inputs have an auxiliary channel. You should be able to find it by turning the TV to channel 3, and pressing the 'channel down' button on your remote control or TV until you see the video playing from your camcorder. It should only take a couple of presses to find the auxiliary channel.

If your TV is auto-programmed to cable or satellite, there's a good chance you won't have the option of pressing the channel down button to find your aux channel because the TV won't have it in its memory. Find your remote control and press the TV/Video button until you see your home movie.

The reason you waited until now to tune in to your auxiliary channel is because it simplifies finding the right channel for your home video playback. If you have an image on your camcorder but not on your TV, something's wrong, right?

Just to be clear, you will be on the correct channel when you see the video playing from your camcorder on your TV.

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