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Connect Your Digital Camcorder To Your TV


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Attach Cables To TV
Attach cables to TV

Attach cables to TV

Matthew Torres
There are two reasons you want to attach all cables to the TV first.

1) Make sure you have enough length on the cable to reach from the TV to your camcorder.

2) In case the cable isn't long enough, you don't want to pull the cable toward the TV once it's plugged into the camcorder because it might pull the camcorder off the table or shelf it's resting on, thus causing possible damage.

Once you realize you have enough length in the cable, insert the cable into the color-matching slots on the TV labeled 'video in' and 'audio in'. If you are using S-Video, disregard the yellow composite cable. Attach the S-Video and red-white stereo cables to your TV .

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