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Product Review: Winbook 32MO 32" Flat Panel LCD TV

The Bottom Line

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Final Thoughts

The 32MO is a well-designed LCD TV that requires the consumer to attach the base and speaker system. The assembly is really quite easy.

The LCD panel is middle of the pack as far as specifications are concerned. It displays colors with good brightess and contrast, but the biggest story with this 32" LCD TV is its difficulty in processing moving images. Moving images appeared jumpy as though frames were missing in the overall video sequence to give it a sort of Kinetoscope feel - just not as shaky as Thomas Edison's picture displaying device.

This leads me to conclude that the problem with movement on the 32MO is consistent with other sub-$1000 LCD flat panels.

In my opinion, many low-priced LCD TVs have no problem displaying high end images like DVDs, video games, PCs and high definition (HD) because those types of video have good overall resolution. But, when confronted with the low-res video from regular TV, cable or satellite they have issues because there is no built-in picture enhancement technology that is often found in higher priced panels - meaning nothing is inside the TV that digitally improves the overall picture.

The 32MO has a 50,000 lamp life, which means it will effectively last anyone about 25,000 hours of viewing time. At 3 hours a day of watching the 32MO would last over 22 years.

Winbook also offers a 37" LCD TV with a built-in ATSC digital tuner. It has better specifications that the 32MO in almost every category across the board, which tells me that the 37" model should be worth looking at.

Winbook sells their LCD TVs online at their Website, through various vendor Web sites and at Microcenter stores throughout the United States.

The Bottom Line

I like the 32MO even though it has a jitter-effect to moving images that is described on the previous page. I don't want to discount the problem the 32MO has processing moving images, but I also know that there are many sub-$1000 LCD TVs in the 32" category that don't have that issue. The color representation and way it handled DVDs, video game play and PC connectivity is what sold me on this LCD TV.

This would be a good purchase for anyone wanting a low cost panel with small limitations but a lot of positives on the high end. This model is good for video game play and PC interconnectivity.

Manufacturer's Specifications (from Winbook's Web site)

HDTV Compatibility - HDTV-Ready; HD Tuner required for HDTV reception (Not Included)
Interfaces - Analog RGB, Composite, Component, S-Video, DVI, HDMI, RF antenna
32" viewable size
16:9 aspect ratio
1366 x 768 panel resolution
0.2mm x 0.51mm pixel pitch
500 cd/m2 image brightness
800:1 contrast ratio
170° horizontal / 170° vertical viewing angles
Supported ED/HD Input Signals - 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i
16.77 million color support
Integrated NTSC tuner
Speakers - Included
Integrated Stereo Amplifier
Sound Output Modes - Mono, Stereo, SAP, SRS/BBE
Composite A/V inputs (3)
S-Video Inputs (2)
Component Video Inputs (2) YPbPr/YCbCr
DB15 VGA Inputs (1)
DVI Inputs (1) DVI-D
HDMI Inputs (1)
A/V outputs (1)
S-Video Outputs (1)
Audio Outputs (1) set of audio outputs (RCA-type) and (1) Set of speaker terminals (L & R)
Wall Mount - Optional - VESA 200 mount (200mm x 100mm)
Stand Included
Dimensions (WxDxH ) - 31.73" x 19.48" x 4.13"
Weight 33.06 lbs.
Voltage Required - AC 100/240V (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption Operational ( Standby ) - 220 Watts
1 year carry-in limited warranty

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