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Review of the NuVision NVU37FX5 LCD TV

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Review of the NuVision NVU37FX5 LCD TV

NuVision's NVU37FX5 features simple but attractive styling.

Forrest Hartman
Bottom Line: The NuVision NVU37FX5 is a terrific LCD TV that boasts a crisp, clear picture and excellent onboard sound. During my review period, I used the set to watch everything from sports to music videos and found that it performed well under all circumstances. The set comes with an intuitive remote control that, while simply shaped, feels solid and allows easy access to key functions. As with all LCD TVs, picture quality suffers when the television is viewed from extreme angles, but this is a weakness of LCD and not the NVU37FX5 in particular.

Because NuVision is a premium television manufacturer, the suggested retail price for the NVU37FX5 ($1,499) is high for a 37-inch set. That said, I was impressed with the set’s many features, including a full 1080p picture and 120Hz refresh rate, as well as the fact that it comes standard with a two-year warranty.

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Very good stock audio
  • Full 1080p picture
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Excellent assortment of inputs, including three HDMI ports
  • Two-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Power-on light is bright and can be distracting
  • Off-angle viewing poorer than with plasma
  • Pricey for a 37-inch television

Background: NuVision is a relatively new company that caters largely to home theater enthusiasts and custom installers. Therefore, the company’s sets are only available from a select group of specialty retailers that can be located on the company Web site. The NVU37FX5 is the first NuVision set I’ve had the opportunity to review, but I spent a good deal of time with it, and the build quality appeared excellent. I never have review sets for more than a month or two, so I’m unable to comment on long-term durability, but the NVU37FX5 comes standard with an impressive, two-year warranty covering parts and labor.

Setup: The NVU37FX5 is a nice-sized television for a bedroom, office or even small living room, but it’s still light enough for two people to set up and move with ease. The TV has a standard coaxial cable jack, three HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, an S-Video in, two composite video inputs and even a VGA in for connecting a computer. It also has analog and digital audio outputs, so most consumers will be able to easily hook up every piece of audio-visual equipment they own.

Appearance: The NVU37FX5 is a straightforward set that, appropriately, puts the emphasis on the viewing area. The 37-inch screen is bordered by a simple 1.75-inch frame that sports a grill for the front-firing speakers on the bottom. Because the look of this TV is all about simplicity, even the NuVision logo is small and unobtrusive.

Picture Quality: While reviewing the NVU37FX5, I spent considerable time watching everything from Blu-ray movies to standard and high-definition television programming, and the set produced a quality picture in all cases. Of course, the high-definition signals produced superior results, but that's due to the source material. When properly calibrated, the NVU37FX5 offers vivid colors, an extremely sharp picture and good black levels for an LCD TV. As is typical with LCDs, the picture quality degrades when you view the screen from extreme angles, but it has a "sweet spot" that should be adequate for most small rooms.

Of the LCD TVs I've reviewed, the NVU37FX5 ranks among the best at reproducing the look of film without major tweaking. The motion smoothing on many 120Hz refresh rate TVs has a tendency to make film sources look disturbingly like video. Fortunately, one can typically eliminate this problem by playing with on-set adjustments, but many TV viewers hate to mess with their settings. Fortunately, the NVU37FX5 requires very little work in this regard. When placed in FX5 mode – a NuVision technology that eliminates the need for a 3:2 pulldown algorithm – the TV proved excellent at avoiding motion blur while maintaining the film-like look of movies on both Blu-ray and DVD.

The NVU37FX5 also has a large number of picture adjustments that can be customized for each input. That means you can calibrate the television one way for your Blu-ray player and another for your satellite receiver or cable box, and that’s a must for enthusiasts.

The biggest negative that I encountered while reviewing the set was the intensity of its power-indication light. When off, the light glows red and is easy to ignore, but when the set is on, the light glows a bright blue that can distract from programming, particularly when one is watching in dim lighting.

Audio quality: Stock television speakers never offer the depth of sound that one gets from a good external home theater receiver and speakers, but it's not always practical to connect a set to a stereo system. Fortunately, the stock audio on the NVU37FX5 gets good marks in all areas. It can reach high volumes without distortion, and the sound quality is good when viewing everything from standard TV programming and music videos to Blu-ray movies. The TV also has numerous adjustments that allow users to customize the sound. These include an excellent faux surround sound mode and a five-band graphic equalizer that is fully customizable but also has presets for music, cinema and news.

Note: Although I reviewed the NVU37FX5, NuVision’s NVU65FX5 (65 inches) and NVU32FX5 (32 inches) have similar specifications, and I would expect both to perform comparably.

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