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Will TV Band Radios Work with Digital TV?


Question: Will TV Band Radios Work with Digital TV?
TV band radios are AM/FM radios that also receive the audio portion of a TV signal, which makes it possible to listen to TV on the radio.

The problem with TV band radios is that the TV tuner inside of them doesn't work with digital TV, which is a major buzz kill for someone trying keep up to date with their favorite TV programs while at work.

Is there a fix? Can you still listen to TV on the radio or is the TV band radio just another example of the problems digital TV has imposed on us?

Answer: The digital transition killed the TV band radio, so there is no way right now that a TV band radio will work with digital TV. That's an unfortunate casualty of the digital transition.

There is, however, a way that you can listen to TV without needing the television itself.

The Solution

What you'll need to do is use an antenna and DTV converter box to capture the TV audio. Then you'll want to connect the audio output of the converter box to either self-powered speakers or headphones. The speakers or headphones will need a RCA type of connector.

Of course, be sure to run the channel scan function on the converter box before implementing this solution or else you won't get any audio.

Once everything is configured properly then you'll be able to hear your TV shows without seeing the picture. Change the channel by using either the converter box remote or on the box itself.

If this sounds strangely similar to the way you watch broadcast TV then you are correct. I concede that it's an unconventional solution but it fixes an otherwise broken situation. It's also important to know that this fix won't work in situations where digital TV isn't possible.

The bottom line is that short of TV band radios being built with digital TV tuners, this might be all you can do.

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