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Get HD Channels With Analog Cable for Free


If you own a HDTV and subscribe to analog cable then you may be able to get local broadcast TV stations in HD without using a digital set-top box or an antenna.

How To Get Local Channels In HD

If you have analog cable and own a HDTV with QAM tuner then you can unlock the HD channels by running the auto-program function on your TV as if you were configuring an antenna.

This may not work for everyone. I tried it in my area with Time Warner and it didn't work but that doesn't mean it won't work for you. There are success stories.

Background - Why This Is Possible

The reason is because cable operators are required to offer the local channels for free to their customers. I figure they aren't encrypting the local channels because distributing broadcast TV is already a costly deal for them, broadcasters are distributing the digital HD signal, and adding an encryption would cost even more.

This is probably a short term benefit because cable operators will at some point likely remove the analog feed and require all subscribers to use a CableCARD or set-top box.

Unfortunately, cable-only HD channels, like ESPN HD, are likely encrypted so this typically only applies to broadcast TV.

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