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What Is 3D TV?


Question: What Is 3D TV?

3D TV is an emerging technology that allows consumers to enjoy three-dimensional movies, television programs and video games in their homes. Several companies have developed viable 3D technology for the home theater environment, but the reality of seeing 3D TV in the average household is probably years away. That's primarily because the technology requires the purchase of new television equipment, including a 3D-ready TV and a 3D-capable Blu-ray player.

The good news is that the Blu-ray Disc Association recently approved standards for encoding 3D content.

A number of TV manufacturers, including Panasonic, Sony and Samsung, are manufacturing 3D TVs, and their technology is not standardized. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess whose 3D TV technology will have the greatest long-term success, but the Blu-ray 3D standards are platform agnostic, meaning 3D Blu-ray discs should play on any manufacturer's 3D-enabled set.

One of the big questions about 3D TV is, “Will viewers have to wear glasses in order to enjoy 3D effects?” For the most part, the answer is, “Yes.” Although there are companies working on 3D television technology that does not require glasses, the systems that are coming out now use glasses.

Another thing slowing the adoption of 3D TV is the fact that content is scarce, but there are those who believe that will change in the next three to four years.

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