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Whats the Difference Between an LED and LCD TV?
Explanation of LED TVs and their relationship to LCD TVs.

What Is An Edge-Lit LED TV?
Definition and explanation of edge-lit LED TV.

What is an Internet-Enabled TV?
Detailed description of what an Internet-enabled television is and what an Internet-enabled set is capable of.

What is 3D TV?
Basic definition of 3D TV as it stands today.

Blu-ray FAQs
Popularity of the Blu-ray format continues to grow, but many consumers still don't understand the primary differences between Blu-ray and standard DVD. Here are answers to some common questions.

How Many HDMI Inputs Do I Want on a HDTV?
How many HDMI inputs should you buy on a TV?

BRAVIA - User Opinions of Sony BRAVIA LCD TVs - 60hz, 120hz and 240hz
User opinions of Sony BRAVIA LCD TVs regarding 60hz, 120hz and 240hz LCD TVs.

TV - How Much TV Do You Watch?
Discussion about how much TV readers watch.

VCR - How Do You Use a VCR with Digital TV?
Readers discuss how they use a VCR with digital TV.

Under-Cabinet TVs - Owners Rate Under-Cabinet TVs They Own
People that own under-cabinet TVs discuss the good and bad of their TV.

Need a DTV converter box coupon but haven’t applied for one yet?
What should I do? I need a DTV converter box coupon but I haven’t applied for one yet?

Use a DTV converter box and VCR to record one channel while watching another
One of the most common questions I get from readers is “can I use a DTV converter box and still record one channel on my VCR while watching another on my analog TV?”

How to Hide Duplicate Analog Channels on DirecTV HD Receiver
How do you hide duplicate analog channels on a DirecTV HD receiver?

What happens to my analog TV and analog cable after the digital transition?
What happens to my analog TV and analog cable after the digital transition?

FAQ: Will I need a DTV Converter Box if I buy a High Definition televi
Will I need a DTV Converter Box if I buy a High Definition television?

Can Analog Cable Subscribers Get HD For Free?
I've heard rumors about getting HD for free on analog cable by using the QAM tuner. Are they true or false? There's only one way to find out.

Is it possible to record TV programming on a VCR when using a DTV conv
Is it possible to record TV programming on a VCR when using a Digital (DTV) converter box?

Using HDMI on Non-HDCP Components
An issue facing consumers/TV watchers is using HDMI and DVI on non-HDCP components. It could cause you to lose the benefit of high definition.

FAQ: Does Non-HD Footage Look Worse on HDTVs than on Analog TVs?
“I've heard several times that non-HDTV content looks worse on HDTVs. Then I read something that implied that the non-HDTV content looks worse on 1080p than 720p and if you will watch much non-HDTV then you should get a 720p set. Is there any truth to that?”

Digital Transtion: Do I Need Anything Else Besides a TV with a Digital
If I buy a TV with an ATSC tuner will I still have to buy/rent additional equipment to view digital programming if I'm hooked up to cable when the Federal requirement (digital transition) kicks in?

How can I improve the quality of the picture on my LCD TV?
How can I improve the quality of the picture on my Sharp 20” LCD TV? I just got it at Costco for a bedroom TV and I LOVE the size, color, DVD viewing and weight but I do not love the picture from cable. I saw it at Best Buy for $599, Circuit City for $439 and bought it at Costco for $399. I’ve had Sharp TV’s in the past and loved them. Would a “monster cable” help (and what is a monster cable)?"

Vector Tough Brite Storm Tracker, Model VEC135
The Storm Tracker by Vector is a weather radio television combo that is a perfect product for those living in areas susceptible to severe storms.

Pets and Home Electronics
The other day I was at a restaurant where I saw a lady sitting on the patio with a black lab. Since I recently bought a lab-border collie puppy, I stopped to ask her if the dog chewed a lot as a pup. She said, "all the time." What does this have to do with televisions? Everything.

Comparison: Buying Online vs In A Store
A comparison between online and retail with respect to convenience, price, availability, customer service, returns/exchanges/refunds, and warranty.

Buying a TV with or without a HD Digital Tuner
Is it better to buy a television with or without a HD digital tuner?

Should I Buy An Extended Warranty?
A look at extended warranties and items to consider before buying.

Difference between a RF modulator and Video Switcher
What is the difference between a RF modulator and video switcher?

What is the Difference between a Television and Monitor?
I am shopping on the computer for a television. I see items listed as televisions and others listed as monitors. What is the difference?

Will my analog portable television become obsolete when digital takes
Click to read the answer to the above question

What Is The Best Viewing Distance To Watch A TV From?
How far should a person sit from the TV? I always heard growing up that sitting too close would make a person blind. Is thus true?

DTV Converter Box - Troubleshoot DTV Converter Box Reception Issues
Troubleshoot DTV converter box issues.

Children's Television: Educational and Informational (EI) programming
What is the meaning of the EI (E-eye) icon appearing on children's Saturday morning television programming?

Space Saving Tips for Students in Dorm Rooms
A list of TV/Video products for students living in a dorm or small apartment.

Wanted: A New Kind Of Electronics Store
Think piece about the future of electronics retailing

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