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Top 4 Under Cabinet TVs for the Kitchen


Under cabinet TVs are great options to consider when wanting to incorporate a TV in the kitchen without losing precious counter space.

Not all under cabinet TVs on this list are high definition but they're all capable of displaying digital signals. I did my best to touch all products on this list. If I didn't touch it then I will let you know.

Where can you find one of these under cabinet TVs in your area? As far as my area, Target was the only store that I found a selection of under cabinet TVs.

List updated March 1, 2009.

1. Audiovox 12" 720p LCD TV/DVD Combo - Model KLV3913

Image property of Matthew Torres, tv.about.com
This is by far my favorite of the current under cabinet TVs on the market. It is capable of displaying resolutions up to 720p. It has a built-in digital tuner, so it is ready to receive over-the-air (OTA) once connected to an antenna. Other features include a built-in DVD/CD player, AM/FM digital radio tuner, 300:1 contrast ratio, and 20ms response time. The screen looked significantly better than expected when I saw it at Target. The image was clear and bright. I like the overall design. It has plenty of buttons on the front panel and a 270-degree swiveling screen. The swivel mechanism is plastic and I worry that it may break if abused. This item is sold at Target.
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2. Westinghouse 16" 720p LCD - Model PT-16H610S

Image property of Matthew Torres, tv.about.com
Westinghouse's PT-16H610S qualifies as an under cabinet TV because it can mount under a cabinet. It's dual-hinge design also allows it to stand on a table top, which makes this under cabinet TVs quite versatile as far as installation options. Because the screen doesn't swivel I recommend this for a garage, utility room, or a kitchen where a swiveling screen isn't needed. As far as the TV, it's a 16" LCD panel capable of displaying 1080p signals at a 720p resolution. It has a 500:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, and a built-in digital tuner so it is ready to display over-the-air (OTA) digital TV when connected to an antenna. This TV is sold at Target.
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3. Memorex 8" LCD TV/DVD Combo - Model MVUC821

Image property of Matthew Torres, tv.about.com
Memorex's MVUC821 is another of the under cabinet TVs that I saw at Target. It has a built-in DVD player and ATSC tuner, so it's ready to display over-the-air (OTA) digital TV when connected to an antenna. If you own a large kitchen then pay attention to the 8" screen size because it might be too small for your space. The panel folds and swivels much like the Audiovox KLV3913. I actually like the swivel better on this TV because it is metal, not plastic. Don't let the wide screen fool you. This TV is digital but not high definition.
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4. JC Penney Undercabinet TV/DVD Player - Online Only

Image property of JC Penney
I found this under cabinet LCD TV while looking online at JC Penney. The problem is that it's only available online at JCPenney.com so you won't be able to take a peak at it before buying. This is a concern because user reviews of this TV aren't glowing. In all fairness to the TV, there are only two reviews on the JC Penney website. As far as the TV, it's an 8" wide screen LCD panel with a built-in digital tuner, AM/FM radio, and DVD player. I haven't seen this TV in person but if I had to compare the external design (not quality) to any of the TVs on this list then I'd have to say the Memorex MVUC821. Keep in mind, it has an 8" screen, so it might be too small for a larger kitchen.
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