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Articles and resources about DVD players, DVD recorders, upscaling DVD players and VCRs.
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How Much Information Can a Blu-ray Disc Store?
Detailed information about the storage capacity and usefulness of Blu-ray discs.

Before You Buy a Blu-ray Player
Buying a Blu-ray player is a big decision, so know all the in and outs before you make a purchase.

Upscaling DVD Players
Upscaling is a technology that digitally improves 480p resolution to high definition proportions. It is a good feature to have if you own a HDTV and don't want to spend the lot on a high definition DVD player.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Him or Her
Televisions and things that plug into them make great gift ideas for the person that's tech-savvy or not.

Frequently Asked Questions - DVD Players
Frequently asked questions regarding types of DVD players, digital and analog, what multi-region and multi-formats mean, and what types of outputs there are. This is a great learning document for all DVD consumers.

Pros and Cons: DVD-Recorder vs VCR vs DVR
A comparison of good and bad features associated with DVD-recorders, video cassette recorders and digital video recorders.

Types of Video Cassette Recorders
A look at the types of video cassette recorders available to the consumer, including VHS, S-VHS, DV, and Digital.

Top Picks: DVD/VCR Combo Units Under $200
Looking to consolidate your home electronics shelf by combining your DVD recorder with VCR? Here's a list of five DVD/VCR combo priced under $200 dollars.

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