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Top 10 NFL and NCAA Football on TV


Football in person is sweet but sometimes football on TV is sweeter because you can flip from game to game. Drink less expensive beverages and eat vegetables with ranch dipping sauce, if that's your thing. For me, football on TV is a way to relax on a lazy weekend with the dogs and cats and remote control.


In the United States, DirecTV has a monopoly or exclusive rights to sell The NFL Sunday Ticket. This means that you must have DirecTV to get this package. In Canada and other places, The Sunday Ticket is available on satellite or cable.

The NFL SUNDAY TICKET costs approximately $280. What you get is every out of market non-nationally televised NFL game. Subscribers also get get access to goodies like a Game Tracker with stats and the pre-game shows I also think you can track specific player performances, which is nice for fantasy football fans.

2. NFL Network

The NFL Network is a 24-hour cable and satellite channel devoted to nothing but the National Football League. The NFL Network is the channel to watch if you love pre-season football. In November, the NFL Network will televise a weekly game on Thursday and Saturday nights. NFL Total Access is the station's signature show hosted nightly by Rich Eisen. This channel provides the NFL fan with a greater insight to the players and league. Tuesday and Wednesday nights they show the best five games of the previous week on a show called NFL Replay.

3. ESPN GamePlan

The ultimate college football pay-per-view programming package is available on cable, satellite the Internet. ESPN GamePlan provides access to a handful of games a week and it is a nice alternative to the local game of the week. Bowl games are not part of the package.

4. ABC College Football

ABC continues its long stretch of showing Saturday afternoon college football games. Every weekend expect to get a big dose of Pac 10, Big 10 and Big 12 games. games begin September 1.

5. NFL and NCAA on FOX

Fox will continue to televise Sundays of the NFL. But, their huge hit last year came when they made a deal to televise the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). Other than that, college football is pretty quiet on the national level but you should get a local game of the week in most markets. Where Fox excels is with their regional FOX Sports Networks. Every weekend you can expect to see one if not two-to-three games. You might even be able to watch games on one of the out-of-market Fox Sports Networks, like Fox West Coast if you live on the East coast. You'll have to manually tune into those channels to see if you get a game.


The NFL SUNDAY TICKET Superfan package is actually an add-on to the NFL SUNDAY TICKET. It costs $99 and provides access to some cool features like:

  • Red Zone Channel - shows the best plays and all scores (great for fantasy football geeks)
  • Game Mix - put up to 8 games on the screen at once
  • Short Cuts - an entire game in less than 30 minutes

The Superfan package is also the only way a NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscriber will get access to more than 100 NFL games in high definition.

7. NFL and NCAA on ESPN

ESPN has an abundance of college and NFL games this year on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN360, etc. The college season starts on August 30. ESPN is also the home for Monday Night Football, which actually begins on Thursday, September 6. The following Monday, September 10, kicks off a 16-week schedule with a NFL double-header.

8. NCAA on Versus

Versus, formerly known as OLN or Outdoor Life Network, is televising twelve college football games that are on at various times throughout the season. This is a good step for Versus as they try to plant their flag as a key player in the national sports television market.

9. NFL on NBC

NBC returned to the NFL in the 2006-2007 season with a Sunday Night game of the week. The same deal is going on this year for NBC with Michaels and Madden on the call. NBC will also feature Notre Dame football on many Saturdays.

10. College Sports TV

College Sports Television is a premiere package on cable and satellite that will bring you the best of college sports, including football. Through their Web site, you can subscribe to a monthly deal ($14.95) that will give you streaming access to hundreds of games throughout the season. This is more extensive than ESPN's Gameplan for the hardcore NCAA football fan.
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