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Cable & Satellite Service

A comparison of cable and satellite TV with today's consumer in mind.
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TV Antennas - Why Do You Use a TV Antenna?
Readers share why they own and use a TV antenna.

Comparison: Digital Cable, Satellite and IPTV Programming Packages
Since I like to save a buck when I can, comparing digital television packages offered by cable, satellite and IPTV providers in my area just makes sense to me.

Comparison of Cable and Satellite Televison
A look at cable versus satellite by comparing services generally offered by major providers in the United States and Canada.

Product Review: DirecTV
A review of satellite entertainment provider DirecTV

Product Review: DISH Network
When comparing satellite and cable companies, DISH Network ranks near the top in all categories from local channels to HD-programming to customer care. They set a standard for cable/satellite providers, and are worth checking out.

Myths Associated With Digital Television
Questions and answers to some common myths associated with Digital Television. A great read if you are considering upgrading your entertainment system from analog to digital.

Introduction to CableCARD Technology
An introduction to CableCARD technology, which is also known as Plug and Play. All televisions with a CableCARD slot will have a built-in ATSC digital tuner, which means the TV is digital cable ready. However, not all digital cable ready televisions will feature a CableCARD slot.

Using the V-Chip: A Guide To American Parental Controls and Rating Sys
The V-Chip, also referred to as Parental Controls, is a feature on a television that gives an administrator the power to block programming based on specific criteria.

Preparing For Lost Reception During A Storm
Question - "I live in an area that gets a fair share of bad storms. I subscribe to satellite, and wonder why it loses reception every now and then when these storms hit? My concern is that I might miss an important weather alert. Because I have a contract with this provider, I can't just walk away from it and get cable. What can I do?"

How Satellite Subscribers Can Stop Losing Reception During a Storm
A tip on how satellite subscribers can improve or stop losing reception during a storm.

What Is "Smart" TV?
Introduction to the Smart TV concept, 2012

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