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What are the Benefits of Using an Antenna

Compared to Cable and Satellite


What are the benefits of using an antenna compared to cable and satellite television?

There are numerous advantages. It's as simple as money and as complicated as signal quality. It also depends on a good supply of broadcast stations in your locality.

  • Save Money

    Antennas are, by default, money savers because their job is to receive free TV. If you use cable or satellite and pay a monthly local service fee to receive local channels then use an antenna, cancel that service, and save that fee each month. Broadcast stations are free. Why pay for them?

  • Receive Channels Cable and Satellite Providers Won't Give You

    In terms of number of channels offered there is no comparison between pay TV and free TV Pay TV would win in a landslide. But, what cable and satellite providers don’t tell their subscribers is that many broadcast stations offer at least one sub-channel. These sub-channels aren’t offered with your cable/satellite service. To get them you will need an antenna.

    Sub-channels offered in my area include an all-weather station, Retro Television Network, and three public television channels.

  • Receive Out of Market Channels

    This only applies to you if you live near two or more TV markets and can receive signals from both. If you can then you have access to the free stations in that market. Where I see this being a benefit is in getting access to additional sub-channels and different news/sports programming.

  • Get Peace of Mind

    This applies mainly to satellite subscribers but cable users shouldn’t dismiss this benefit. My satellite signal disappears during bad weather, which is a concern for me because I live in an area that gets a tornado warning every now and then. So, keeping a signal is important. This is a benefit of the antenna.

    Should I lose power then all bets are off unless I owned a portable digital TV, like the Accurian 7” portable digital TV. Unlike cable or satellite, this antenna-using TV runs for about two hours on a single charge.

  • Uncompressed High Definition

    It’s no secret that broadcast networks deliver an uncompressed signal and cable/satellite providers compress theirs. Which is better? The answer depends on who you ask. I believe HD signals look better when received through an antenna.

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