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Before You Buy an Antenna and Watch HD for Free


Buying an antenna optimized for digital TV reception is different than analog reception because digital signals are encoded differently than analog - a bunch of 1‘s and 0‘s versus a waveform.

As a result, the antenna design was tweaked from a rod to a wider, dish-like appearance that acts like a catcher’s mitt to the digital signal.

Not every old antenna will have to be replaced because of digital TV. Many antennas designed before digital will receive digital signals without issue, but if you experience poor digital reception then you may need to buy a different antenna to improve your reception.

Get To Know Antennas

Antennas have various features and benefits. Deciding which one works best for you will be a combination of understanding antenna technology and signal characteristics for your area.

Figure Out What Antenna Is Best For You

Antenna research is made easy with the internet. You can submit a query at websites like Antenna Web and TV Fool and get reception information specific to your street address or zip code. Utilizing one of these websites can help you determine the best antenna for your area.

Learn About DTV Converter Boxes and Using an Antenna With Them

If you use an antenna with an analog TV and/or a VCR then there is a great chance you also need to use a digital television (DTV) converter box. The converter box is needed to convert the digital signal to an analog format so the analog tuner within the TV or VCR can decode it.
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