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Top 8 Indoor and Outdoor Antennas


One of the smartest decisions I've made in recent memory is the purchase of a high definition antenna. At the time I was without local high definition programming because my service provider didn't offer local stations in HD.

Because I own a HDTV with a built-in tuner I'm now able to watch all of my local stations in HD for free. It's funny to think that in a day and age where technology is rapidly changing how a simple $30 purchase of an item that's been available for decades has changed the way I watch network television.

Keep in mind to check Antenna Web to see if you need VHF, UHF or both.

1. DB8 Multidirectional Long Range Antenna

Terrestrial Digital says that the DB8 is the highest gain multi-directional antenna on the market. If this is true then expect to be able to use this antenna at a range of up to 70 miles. The fact that it's amplified and multi-directional is why I put this one at the top of the list. Digital reception is difficult for many antennas, which is why amplification might be what you need. Another benefit of this antenna is that you might be able to pick up channels from neighboring markets, which could increase your programming choices.

2. PF7 Picture Frame Antenna

Antenna's Direct has an interesting indoor antenna. The PF7 is an actual picture frame that doubles as an antenna.

I don't recommend this antenna for someone needing high-power because it only has a range of up to 15 miles according to the manufacturer. But, it is a cool innovation for someone that lives close to the transmission tower.

The frame holds a picture up to 8in. x 10in. and can wall mount or rest on a tabletop. The antenna is UHF, channels 14-69 and has a gain of 6.5db.

3. Channel Master Outdoor Antenna, Model 4220

Channel Master actually has a lot of antennas that I could list in this article. So, to be fair I will only list the 4220 model.

The 4220 is a medium directional outdoor antenna that, according to Channel Master, has a range of 20 miles for channels 7-13 and 30 miles for 14-69. It can attach to the roof,side of the house or the overhang where gutters would go.

Dimensions are 20in. x 17in. x 5in. (W x H x D).

4. Channel Master Antenna Rotator

This isn't an antenna but it should solve the problem of trying to receive 360-degrees of reception with a directional outdoor antenna.

Channel Master's antenna rotator system contains a motor-driven harness or device that connects to your roof - you then install the antenna pole into the harness. The complete system comes with a remote control and a box that talks to the remote and the motor-driven harness.

If you need to tweak a signal you can turn the antenna while sitting on your couch. No more scaling the ladder to the roof to turn the antenna. The only issue I see with this product is the installation, which will require running cables from the harness to the box that sits by your TV.

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5. Zenith ZHDTV1 Indoor High Definition Antenna

Zenith's ZHDTV1 is one of the more popular indoor antennas. It is a UHF-only antenna, which is an issue if you need VHF also. It also doesn't have amplification and its directional but all indications is that this little guy provides reliable reception.

You can definitely find a lot of information online about how owner's of the ZHDTV1 feel about their purchase. Sites like HDTV Antenna Labs specialize in antennas. You'll find plenty of opinions in their review forum about the ZHDTV1.

6. Jensen TV-931 Low Profile Vhf/uhf/hdtv Amplified Antenna

This little thing kind of resembles Stewie Griffin from the cartoon series Family Guy. It is amplified, which means it plugs into the wall. Electricity isn't needed to receive a signal, but electric power can increase the picture quality on a low signal when adjusting the 15db of extra gain. The TV-931 has a swiveling base as well as retractable and rotating dipoles. It will fit neatly on any TV stand or entertainment center. This is an indoor-only antenna. Estimated cost: $35-40

7. Terk TV44 Amplified TV Antenna for Multi-LNB Satellite Dish

This antenna is specifically for a satellite dish so if you don't subscribe to satellite then this one might not be the one for you. Basically, it attaches to the dish and allows you to get HD through your satellite receiver or through the TV's antenna input. As the name says, it is amplified so it should give plenty good of a signal. This specific model is only good for 20" dishes.
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8. Audiovox Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna

The HDTVo looks like a box on a pole. The feature I like best about this antenna is that is works well with reflected or bounced signals. This means the antenna isn't directional by nature, and will work well in a city or high traffic environment - like an apartment building. It can be installed anywhere a screw will go into, and the outer surface can be painted. It receives UHF and VHF channels 2-69. This is an indoor/outdoor antenna. Estimated cost: $90-120
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