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Top Surge Protectors for Your HDTV


A surge protector is something everyone should use to protect their television from electrical spikes. These spikes can cause permanent damage to your HDTV or electronic devices.

This list consists of some products that I recommend. Obviously, there are more models available on the market than listed here. My intent is to show you a few products that stand out for whatever reason.

The bottom line is that when choosing between features and cost that it is better to use any surge protector than none at all.

Updated on November 5, 2010.

1. Monster Cable HTS 3600 MKII

This is one of Monster Cable's higher end surge protectors. It's rated by Monster as Stage 3 for clean power (there are 5 stages). What's interesting about this product is that it has a digital screen on the front so you can see the the power usage or power coming into the device. Other features include:

  • 10 outlets
  • 6500 joule rating
  • 5-year warranty

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2. Monster Cable HT 200

The HT 200 is a unique power center compared to other surge protectors. It really is a substitute for a typical electrical outlet on your wall in that it only accepts two plugs. The reason I'm putting it on here is because it's relatively inexpensive. It's a better solution than connecting directly into the wall for someone needing limited electrical connections.

  • 2 outlets
  • 1100 joule rating
  • accepts coaxial input

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3. PowerSquid PowerSquid Surge3000 Calamari 6X

I like the Power Squid because it looks like an extension cord with six female ends spliced together. This design offers more flexibility than other surge protectors. It's definitely a unique design that I can see being used for more than just home theater systems.

  • 6 outlets
  • 3240 joule rating
  • $500,000 Limited Connected Equipment Warranty

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4. Belkin 11 Outlet Concealed BZ111200-06

This is another product featuring a design that strays away from the standard look of surge protectors. You have to open the lid on the casing to get to the plugs. This design is nice because when all outlets are connected you can close the lid on the casing to protect the plugs and create an organized grouping of cables connected to it instead of having wires dangling all over the place. But, I do wonder if the opening where the cables come out will be cramped and not allow the unit to close completely when fully connected.

  • 11 outlets
  • 3195 joule rating
  • $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

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5. Monster Cable In-Wall PowerCenter

This product is designed for custom installations so it isn't a typical surge protector that you just plug in and go. You will need to install it into the wall. It's a nice alternative and offers a cleaner appearance to the standard surge protector. My only concern is that it is limiting with only two inputs. Still, if custom installation is your thing then you might want to consider this product because it also filters your coaxial connections.

  • 2 outlets
  • 1260 joule rating
  • 5-year limited warranty

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