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All About Over-The-Air Antennas (OTA)


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Instructions on Using Antenna Web
Antenna Web really makes choosing an outdoor antenna within the United States quite easy. It could also be helpful if you live in an area bordering the USA as long as you use a USA zip code.

Step-by-Step at AntennaWeb.org

This process is simple:

  1. Go to www.antennaweb.org
  2. Click the ‘choose an antenna’ button
  3. Complete the short form - The only necessary field you must complete is the zip code but the form has optional fields to input your name, address, email, and phone number. In theory, you will get a better report by entering your address information.
  4. Answer the question about obstacles in your area.
  5. Choose the type of housing to get the best results.
  6. Click the submit button.
  7. Should you enter your email then uncheck the boxes for future contact if you don’t want to receive electronic information from CEA.

    Reviewing Your Results

    After clicking the ‘submit’ button, you’ll be directed to a results page. This page will display a list of antenna types and stations picked up in your area with that type of antenna. You have an option to sort by all, digital or analog-only stations. I recommend sorting by digital because this is the future of antenna reception.

    The list of antennas has some important fields to review, like frequency assignment of the station (the channel) and compass orientation, which is the best direction to point your antenna to receive that particular station. You can also view a map of your address that shows directions to point the antennas.

    Once you know what type of antenna you need, check back for some recommendations on indoor and outdoor antennas.

    CEA Disclaimer

    The CEA says that the listing of stations received is conservative and that “depending on the specifics of your installation, you may be able to receive stations that do not appear in this list.”

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