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PC to TV - TruLink USB to VGA Adapter Kit - Wireless TV Transmitter in Disguise

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The Bottom Line

Overall, I liked TruLink's Wireless USB to VGA Adapter Kit. I transmitted and received a video signal from my PC to a TV at a distance of 30 feet, although the video was more prone to dropping out as the receiver moved away from the transmitter.

It's disappointing that it's a video-only product because wireless TV transmitters that send digital video and audio are in need right now. The TruLink works great for what it does but it's likely nothing more than a short-term solution until HDMI 1.4 wireless products are introduced since it doesn't transmit audio.

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  • Use your television's PC input to transmit photos, online content, videos and DVDs from a PC to a TV
  • Use it for video editing to expand PC desktop from one monitor to two monitors
  • Transmits a signal 30 feet as long as transmitter and receiver in line of sight of each other
  • Software installation relatively easy but problems with 1366x768 PC resolutions
  • Compact design but it feels too lightweight so I worry about it breaking if dropped on hard surface


  • Video signal is XGA so it is in a 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Does not transmit audio
  • Signal drops in and out when transmitter and receiver line of sight is obstructed
  • 15-pin VGA connector not included in package
  • Expensive considering it only transmits video


  • Transmits UXGA/ WSXGA video up to 30 feet using ultra-wide band (UWB) wireless technology. It doesn't transmit audio.
  • Operates on 3.1 GHz up to 10.6 GHz. it doesn't interfere with other wireless devices and networks.
  • Can either mirror the PC display to display same content on TV or expand PC desktop to TV for a larger working area.
  • TruLink adapter works like a typical wireless TV transmitter. It needs uninterrupted line of sight to work properly.
  • USB transmitter connects to a PC via a USB port. The transmitter uses USB 1.0 technology.
  • VGA receiver connects to a TV or other video display with a 15-pin VGA connector. It uses AC power.
  • If the TV doesn't have a 15-pin VGA connector then buy an adapter that converts VGA into component, composite or S-video.
  • Must set PC resolution to 1024x768 or 800x600 to work with adapter.
  • One year warranty through Cables To Go.

Guide Review - PC to TV - TruLink USB to VGA Adapter Kit - Wireless TV Transmitter in Disguise

The TruLink USB to VGA Adapter Kit by Cables To Go is capable of transmitting video content from a PC to a TV.

Software installation is easy because the user manual does a good job in walking user through setup. The biggest problem I experienced was when booting the PC with the USB adapter connected - my Windows Vista-based PC froze and I had to reboot.

Have Install Problems with 1366x768 PC Resolution?

The most difficult task in setup was locating the right male-to-male 15-pin VGA cable or suitable adapter for my situation. I found mine at Radio Shack but these should be pretty common at any PC or electronics store.

The 30' wireless claim is valid. I sent a 1024x768 video signal 30 feet to my 720p HDTV. The signal is great when it's not interrupted but it will drop in/out or freeze the farther the transmitter and receiver are from each other.

Adjusting the line of sight is made easy when using the included USB docking station. This tool is an extension cable for the transmitter, which helps in creating a consistent, stable line of sight between the transmitter and receiver.

The video quality on my HDTV was beautiful. The receiver held a strong signal when transmitter located in the same room. There wasn't any picture loss resulting from the transfer from PC to TV. My only complaint is that video wasn't wide screen; it was 4:3 because the XGA video format doesn't support a wide screen format.

This forced me to either choose between stretching the image to make it full screen or watch a clear image with black bars on the side, which is comparable to displaying HD and non-HD programming on a HDTV.

All in all, it's a good product but it would've been nice to include a 15-pin VGA cable with the product and transmit audio.

Thank you Optimized Cable Company for loaning me a product to test.

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