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Affordable Gifts for TV Lovers

Having trouble finding the perfect present for the television fanatic in your life? The secret is not to assume that the only gifts for TV lovers run $1,500 and require wall mounting. Avid home theater and television fanatics are always looking for accessories to make their viewing experience better. Following are four solid gifting possibilities at a variety of price points.

TV Wall Mount Brackets
Overview of the three types of TV wall mount brackets.

TruLink USB to VGA Adapter Kit - Wireless TV Transmitter in Disguise
The TruLink USB to VGA adapter kit is a wireless TV transmitter in disguise.

Digital TV signal - Amplify a Digital TV Signal
Given identical broadcast conditions, a digital TV signal wont travel as far as an analog TV signal because terrestrial constraints affect it more than analog. Amplifying or boosting the signal is a potential fix to your reception issue.

Buy a TV Antenna That Receives UHF and VHF Signals
Most digital signals are broadcast within the UHF spectrum but there are VHF digital channels. This is a critical point to consider when buying an antenna.

Choosing an Outdoor Antenna with Antenna Web
Part of the antenna buying process includes choosing the type of outdoor antenna that is best for your area. This process is made easy by Antenna Web

Monster Cable•it Cable Management Kit
The Cable•it by Monster is a cable organization kit that eliminates the clutter of audio and video cables behind the television.

Product Profile: TenBox TB1000 HD DVR Storage Box
Product profile of TenLabs TenBox DVR storage box model TB1000. Marketed towards DirecTV HD-DVRs, it works with other HD DVRs as well.

Best Surge Protectors for Your HDTV
A surge protector is something everyone should use to protect their television from electrical spikes. These spikes can cause permanent damage to your HDTV or electronic devices.

Zinwell's ZAT-600HD ATSC HDTV set-top box
Review of Zinwell's ZAT-600HD atsc digital terrestrial HDTV set-top box - a high definition television receiver.

Accell's UltraAV HDMI 1-2 Audio/Video Splitter
Accell’s UltraAV is a nice product for those wanting to transmit a single high definition source to two displays. The UltraAV is a HDMI 1-2 Audio/Video Splitter.

All About Over-The-Air Antennas (OTA)
Antennas are considered either indoor or outdoor. There is a difference between the two.

Philips Pronto TSU9600 Home Theater Remote Control
Digital remote controls with LCD screens are becoming more and more in the consumer electronics industry. These thumb-exercisers are now turning into a workout for one, maybe two, hands.

Universal Remote Controls
Maybe we wouldn't lose the remote if it included some features (not to mention a price) that made us feel more “attached” to it. This list features some advanced remotes that carry a lot of features you might need now or grow to love later.

Review: Tara Labs RSC Vector Series Audio and Video Cables
Ashland, Oregon audio and video cable manufacturer Tara Labs has a simple slogan, “The Cable Technology Leader.” Recently, I had a chance to put their reputation to the test by using their Rectangular Solid Core (RSC) audio and video cables at my home

Profile of Vantage Point's evo system
Vantage Point’s latest innovation, the evo system is a modular designed wall-mounted entertainment center that blends practicality with room décor.

Profile: Loc8tor - Personal Homing Device
The Loc8tor is a personal homing device that according to the manufacturer, "Tracks Items From Up to 600 ft Away to Within One Inch."

Accell UltraAV HDMI 2-1 Audio/Video Switcher
Accell Corporation, a maker of high quality Audio/Video cables, announced the release of the UltraAV High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI™) 2 to 1 Switch.

Product Review: Universal Remote Control , Model R7
Universal Remote Control's pre-programmed and learning R7 doesn't have a LCD screen. It doesn't make noises or talk back to you. Exactly what does it do to make is special? It works!

External ATSC Digital TV Set-Top Receivers
A ATSC digital set-top receiver is a device that receives and decodes digital signals for output on a high definition television (HDTV) that doesn't have a built-in digital tuner.

Indoor and Outdoor High Definition (HD) Antennas
An off-air antenna for HD televisions is used to receive over-the-air signals from broadcast TV stations. They are very similar to the antennas many people have mounted on their roof or placed on top of a television. Because the United States is undergoing a transition from analog to digital, people will need a different type of antenna to receive OTA digital signals.

How To Replace A Lost or Broken Remote Control
A frantic time for people is the moment when they learn that their remote control is lost or broken. How it got that way is unimportant. The bottom line is that the remote control is gone. No longer will it serve its master. While we would like to mourn our loss, there is no time. We need to find a replacement...now.

Accessories for a Home Electronics System
An article featuring the types of accessories available for purchase at many retail and online electronics outlets.

Product Review: Digital Innovations Skip Doctor CD/DVD Repair Kit
Digital Innovations Skip Doctor passed all the tests related to repairing compact and digital video discs. At an affordable price, I recommend this product to anyone owning CD or DVDs.

Hands-On Review: VooMote Zapper iPhone/iPad Remote Control
Hands-On Review VooMote Zapper iPhone/iPad Remote Control

Hands On Review: Logitech Harmony One Remote Control
Full review

Want Better Streaming? Change Your Wi-Fi Channel!
How to change the channel on your Wi-Fi router

Hands on Review: Rotel Rsx 1562 A/v Receiver
Hands on Review: Rotel Rsx 1562 A/v Receiver

Hands On Review: Linksys E4200 Wireless Router
Hands On Review: Linksys E4200 Wireless Router

New Dolby Sound Designed For Mobile Devices
New Dolby Sound Designed For Mobile Devices

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