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Digital TV's Impact on the VCR

By April 16, 2009

The digital transition has imposed a various number of changes to our television landscape. First and foremost is the elimination of analog signals from full-power broadcast stations.

Another issue regarding digital TV that impacts the VCR owner is a result of incompatible formats between the VCR tuner and digital TV - broadcast, cable, and satellite television. The VCR has lost its ability to record one channel while the viewer watches another.

That doesnít mean the VCR is now useless for recording TV. The VCR owner just needs to learn about an alternative way to watch and record on a VCR with digital TV. This process incorporates a digital converter box, switcher, and A/B switch.

But, perhaps the biggest issue facing the VCR is the lack of manufacturer support. This will likely be the cause of the VCRís extinction. If you donít know what I mean then go shopping and try to find a low cost VCR. Aside from pawn shops and websites that sell used equipment like eBay, VCRs are in short supply on the retail market.

How do you use a VCR with DTV?

Yes, this isnít news as the future of the VCR has long been in doubt but I canít help but think about people that donít have a way to transfer VHS to a digital format. These people may lose a lot of valuable video footage because VCR options are very slim on the market.

There are VCR/DVD combos that can solve this video transfer problem but those are priced too high in my opinion. The consumer has already spent enough money buying converter boxes, digital recorders, HDTVs, etc.

What we need is a sub-$50 product that will help people make a complete transition from analog to digital. WeĎve invested over 20 years in VHS technology and it would be a shame to leave VHS tape owners without a cost-effective solution to digitize their video.

How do you use a VCR with DTV?

April 16, 2009 at 1:42 pm
(1) Matt DeSio says:

Hmm, never thought about that. I’ve had a DVR for a while now and only use my VCR for playing movies for my daughter. I wonder how many will be affected by this?

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